It’s a big project to sell your Antelope Valley, Palmdale or Lancaster, CA area home. It may turn into a very emotional experience.  For most it is likely one of the biggest financial decisions you make with every sale.  I am there with you every step of the way to make sure the process is an enjoyable, profitable experience even after closing.

As your Palmdale real estate agent, I am your partner throughout the entire process of selling your home. Realtoes are your personal marketing experts. A real estate agent helping you to sell your home will first talk with you to go over a CMA or comparative market analysis of your home in order to show you how to properly price position your home in the competitive Palmdale or Lancaster real estate marketplace. Once you have agreed on a fair listing price and are happy with your potential net proceeds from the sale, your Realtor will then market your home in the best way for your particular property. Some homes could benefit from aerial photography or photographs with a fish eye lens. Other homes might be shown in their best light with a virtual tour, and other homes might be fine marketed with still photographs. A full marketing plan should be developed to promote your Palmdale or Lancaster, CA real estate to the widest audience possible. Submission of your listing to the MLS and other online real estate mega sites, possibly print advertising, and promoting your listing to other agents and brokers. If possible your Realtor should represent you at every showing. Once an offer or hopefully multiple offers come in on your property, your Realtor will help you negotiate the best price and terms, and help you get through the detailed closing process as quickly as possible.

What is an exclusive right to sell agreement?

An exclusive right to sell agreement for real estate is the most commonly used type of listing agreement. This is the initial agreement between the seller of the home and the listing Realtor and or broker. This agreement sets forth the terms of the agency agreement. The amount of time of the agreement (which is usually six months to one year), commission to be paid (six percent is standard which is split among all real estate transaction servicing parties), the asking price of the home or commercial property, and other selling terms such as marketing details. The reason the exclusive right to sell agreement is the most commonly used is because the other forms of real estate listing agreements would not facilitate a Realtor adding the property to the MLS. Entering your Palmdale property into the MLS is of paramount importance. Without broad internet visibility (which the MLS provides) you, the home seller limit your property’s exposure to a much smaller audience. Strategic marketing is what good real estate agents do, and without an exclusive right to sell agreement for your Palmdale real estate, your Realtor would be willing to incur the marketing expense of adding your property listing to the MLS or giving it the proper exposure elsewhere. This is technically a bilateral executory contract, which is a promise for a promise. Your Palmdale, CA listing broker or Realtor promises to take the proper care in marketing your listed home or land, and you as the home or land seller agree to pay them a commission if they themselves sell your home, or another cooperating Palmdale real estate agent or broker does. Your Palmdale Realtor or Broker attracts buyers that might be represented by other real estate brokers or Realtors in Palmdale by proper marketing of the property. In this situation, your Palmdale Realtor has done their job in attracting a buyer for your home by adding your property to the MLS and or other forms or marketing, and the standard six percent commission is split between your selling agent and the buyers agent.

What is a reasonable market time to sell your home?

There is no straight answer to the question, “how long will it take to sell my home?” The best answer I can give is very general. If your home is listed at the proper asking price in the current competitive Palmdale real estate market, then it should sell from thirty to sixty days. This is very general of course. Market conditions are constantly fluctuating and there are slow seasons, such as the holiday season, when real estate buying and selling activity slows drastically. Summer seems to be the “hot” season and more homes are bought and sold in the summer than other times of the year. Other factors will help sell your home faster such as proper staging (if the home is vacant), and overall good presentation. Condition of the walls and paint, the curb appeal of the house and landscaping go a long way. As the best Palmdale Realtors, Keller Williams and I will help you to put your best show forward when selling your home. I strive to get your home sold in the least amount of time possible. We know that often times you must sell your Palmdale home before you can buy another home, called contingency. Whatever your reason for selling your Palmdale real estate we know that you want to coordinate and sell quickly and I can help you do that.

How I can help you get top dollar for your home?

I get asked by my listing clients often “how can I increase the value of my home?” My answer is usually the same. It’s unlikely that it would make financial sense to do any major repairs or remodeling to your home before sale. It’s well known that you don’t get the money that you put in back. You only see a small percentage of your return on investment when remodeling a kitchen or bathroom for example. It’s just not realistic to slow the process of selling your Palmdale home, because we are waiting on renovations which will not net you any profit. There are some simple things you can do to increase the value of your home that will not break the bank, or slow the time to market of your home. I personally look at many houses each week in the Palmdale and Lancaster, CA real estate area. I can tell you from extensive knowledge of the market that you will get an overall “feel” of a property walking through it. Homes that show well will sell fast. Houses that are in disrepair linger on the market and usually discounted more than a fair amount. You get top dollar for your home by working with meas your Palmdale Realtor and readying your house to enter the market in the best possible condition. Priced right, with great curb appeal, and good overall impression online and in person.

Will staging your home help it sell for more money?

When I am asked “will staging my vacant home help me sell it for more?” I usually say yes. When my Palmdale and Lancaster, CA home sellers think of staging, they tend to think that only means bringing in furniture and accessories to an empty house, but that’s not always the case. Staging can be the rearranging or taking away of furniture in the house you currently live in and are selling before you move out. It is a well known fact that houses that are staged well sell faster and for more money than homes that are either empty or cluttered. The idea is that you want home buyers to imagine themselves living in the house. You can facilitate that by making it easy for them to picture themselves watching TV, entertaining, cooking and all the things that we all love doing in our houses.
As experienced Realtors in Palmdale and Lancaster, CA my team at Keller Williams and I can help you add or take things away to help stage your house best for a quick profitable sale. For example, if you have collectibles, and they’re all over the house and it looks like the show “Hoarders” I would try to convince you to box up small item and clutter. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese concept of flow and feel. A good flow throughout the house, proper positioning of furniture and accessories gives an impression. It will give your home a better feel and buyers are aware of it whether they are conscious of it or not.  It is not always appropriate or in the marketing budget to stage an empty house with any or all the furniture that would make your empty house look lived in, but we will recommend staging if we think it is necessary.

How do I prepare my home for the open house?

Wondering “how do I prepare my home from the open house?” usually comes up when my Palmdale or Lancaster area home owner or sellers house is occupied. If your house is empty of course you don’t have to do as much, leave everything to us at Keller Williams Palmdale Realtors. If you are still living in your house while it is on the market, I can suggest a home seller checklist of things to do, before the big move. If you can remove family photos or personal effects, it helps to make the home look less like “someone else’s house” to buyers. We buyers picturing living in the home themselves. Secure anything of great value, such as jewelry, or anything that might get lost or missing.  Clean and freshen the house with extra cleaning . We might want to consider bringing in a cleaning crew just before the open house. I’ve used these cleaning crews before and they are a great value. Adding air fresheners also helps. It’s best if you can then leave the house (with your pets if you have any) for a few hours, and let a realtor do their job. I will be well prepared to answer any questions regarding the house, and will have marketing materials to give to everyone that comes to buy.

When is the best time of year to sell my house?

Sometimes people ask “what’s the best time of year to sell my house?” I think that is a personal decision to sell your Palmdale real estate, well that’s the best time to sell your house. In a perfect world, where you can afford to pay your property taxes until that “perfect” time of year to sell your house then I would suggest you sell the property in Spring or Summer. Spring is a time of renewal and sometimes we need consider changes, and that includes our real estate. If a buyers family has children that are of school age, they would likely  move before a school year starts. Since this isn’t a perfect world though, sell the house as soon as you are ready. The market may move up or down a bit, but we don’t have a solid prediction of patterns.  The best advice is to sell your house when it is in your best interests.

Where do home buyers go to start their real estate search?

I’ve read that about ninety-five percent of Palmdale, CA home buyers start their home search on the internet. The answer to the question “where do home buyers start to look form homes?” Online.  My internet marketing team of gurus likely helped you find my website. I can do the same for you and advertise your home online as well as it can be done by local Palmdale, CA real estate agents. My team at Keller Williams and I utilize digital marketing for maximum exposure on your listed property reaching beyond the MLS. We are connected to many prospective buyers.  My goal is to get your home sold faster and compete for top dollar on your home sale.