Home inspections?  What does a home inspector do and How much does it cost ?

So I will answer these questions one at a time, “how much does a home inspection usually cost?” A home inspection usually costs about five hundred dollars. If that sounds expensive to you, don’t worry the home buyer is usually the one who pays for the home inspection. Buyers tell me all the time that “five hundred dollars sounds expensive.” These home inspectors earn every cent of their money in my opinion. It’s like the old joke “why are divorces so expensive?” Because they’re worth it! “What does a home inspector do?” My answer is what does a home inspector not do? Home inspectors look in every nook and cranny of a home, they check out the roof, in the attic, the plumbing, appliances, and each and every single part of the home. They look for termites, make sure the pool isn’t leaking, if there is a pool. “What is a home inspection?” It is insurance for all parties in the real estate transaction that there will be fewer lawsuits and problems arise after the successful closing of your real estate transaction.

This question is one that comes up a lot. My seller clients want to know “do we have to move out immediately after we sell our house?” I wish there were a shorter answer to this question but to sum it up, no. Palmdale real estate transactions are complicated and so are people’s lives. You as a home seller can’t wait for the perfect time to put your home on the market. You list the property for sale, then if it sells, and you aren’t ready to move, you negotiate as part of the sale the terms or your relocation date. I often see my Palmdale home sellers stay in their house a few months after the successful closing and sale of their property so their kids can finish the school year or many other reasons. I can help you negotiate terms that make your real estate transaction go smoothly and keep all parties involved happy. You might wan to pay rent for a few months, with a definite move out date, when you are able to move into your new house or whatever the case. The moral of the story here is don’t get “paralysis by analysis” and not sell your house because things aren’t lining up just right for you this moment. Let’s get your house sold and we will figure out the details as we go along.


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